nothing sells like a severed appendage

The Headless Horseman and his cranium quest ? A vengeful wife and her infamous chop?  No, the culprit here is Owen Roe, and the Pacific Northwest wine producer’s 2007 Sinister Hand that I sampled today at Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe (  Like most other products, a good wine that comes with a bonus story baits me like a moth to a flame.  As described on the Owen Roe website, the Sinister Hand label is a family crest – a depiction of a severed left hand.  As the legend goes, there was once a rowing competition among O’Neills and O’Reillys (Owen Roe was an O’Neill,) rewarding the family that touched land first after making it across the lake with the land that was touched.  A brazen kinsfolk, trailing from the lead but determined to claim the victory and its spoils, reached for his sword and cleaved his very own hand at the wrist, launching it to the shore and thus touching land first.  He eventually ruled as king.   And I’m glad he did so that I can hold up a glass and drink to his namesake.  Other folks at the tasting must have had the same thought, because ironically I, like the kinsfolk, was too slow.  The last bottle had been sold!  I’ll have to head on over to the Wolfe’s Gables location to grab a bottle stat.  And I know my friends Jeffrey and Christie will hold one for me, so I that don’t need my own sinister hand to beat the crowd.

2007 Sinister Hand (from



A Rhone-styled wine with very dark fruit flavors and pepper, and great texture. Pairs well with many different kinds of food, especially spicy dishes and dark meats.

62% Grenache, 21% Syrah, 17% Mourvedre, 13% Elerding Six Prong Vineyard, 6% Elerding Vineyard, 12% Slide Mountain Vineyard, 40% Erickson Road Vineyard, 22% Olsen Farms, 7% Outlook Vineyard. (Vineyard locations: the Yakima Valley, Walla Walla Valley, and Horse Heaven Hills.)



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