Kitchen Interview at Brosia

Executive Chef Arthur Artiles of the Design District Mediterranean oasis, Brosia, talked to Kitchen Interviews about digital water pouring, wascally wabbits and really tight cooking quarters.   And of course, what’s getting him excited in the kitchen these days.  While drawing on his roots for inspiration, (including a long-time apprenticeship with New World Cuisine pioneer Norman Van Aken,) the Cuba native is expressing a decidedly old world  and refreshing – point of view at Brosia.  

A quick note about the audio portion.  The editing leaves something to be desired.  Please bear with me.  And I will also try not to swallow the microphone next time.

KI:  Ok, so Arthur, here are my questions.

AA:  Shoot.

KI:  So I was doing a little research.  I went on your website.

AA:  How did you get your water?  Ice, no ice, bubbly or flat?

KI:  [laughs] I got it bubbly with no ice.  I was wondering what that was about. [There is a flash app on where visitors can customize and pour their preferred water service.]

AA:  Just something to pull everybody in.  Something a little different on the website.

KI:  It is interesting.  I won’t ask you how you technically got it up there.

AA:  Yeah, [Owner] Scott [Engelman] and the guys who designed the website… we all sat down together to make it a little interactive.  The glass that’s in there is one of our glasses as well, so it’s in-keeping with the restaurant.  Before you get into the website you have to chose your water so, you know, at that moment, everyone’s clicked into their thing. 

KK:  A personalized experience using water preferences.  Cool.  So, tell me a little about your inspiration here.

Click here to listen to more with Arthur

 And here to get up close and personal with the kitchen



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