vini e cibi Piemontesi

Yesterday afternoon, my friends Jeffrey and Christie Wolfe (and little rascals Jacob and Aiden,) were kind enough to let me crash their Saturday wine tasting at Wolfe’s on Dixie with Three Tomato Crostini and Wonton Wrapper Ravioli with Peas, Ricotta and Farm Herbs.  The 18 wines from the Piemonte region of Italy were a rare treat, and the feedback on my homemade hors d’oeuvres to pair, equally as satisfying…  Wines structured around the Nebbiolo grape, grown in the cool north (a climate fit for livestock,) work well with hearty dishes based on animal products like meat, eggs and butter, (as opposed to the south, where you’ll find a plant-based diet where olive oil reigns.)  I tried to mitigate our balmy Miami weather by also throwing lighter ingredients like fresh chive, spring peas and tomatoes into the mix.  You can find the recipes below, along with details on the Barolos, Barberas, Dolcettos and more that were tasted.  To inquire about the wines and how/where to purchase, email  

 Ci vediamio la prossima volta!

Many people asked if the ravioli could be served warm, as a main dish…  Definitely!  Just place a few in a bowl, drizzle a tiny bit more brown butter (or olive oil if you like it a little lighter,) grate some fresh parm and you’re good to go.

wonton ravioli

tomato crostini

From Giacomo Grimaldi:

Dolcetto d’Alba 2007, Barbera d’Alba “Pistin” 2007, Nebbiolo d’Alba 2006,

Barolo “Sotto Castello di Novello” 2003, 2004 and 2005

From Paolo Scavino:

Rosso da Tavola 2006 and 2007, Barolo 2005, Carobric Barolo 2005 and Barolo Bric del Fiasc 2005

Also from the Degrazia Portfolio:

Gini Soave Classico 2007

Fontaleoni Vernaccia de San Gimignano 2007

Palazzone Orvieto Classico Terre Vineate 2007

Benito Ferrara Greco di Tufo 2006

Seghesio Barbera d’ Alba 2004

Clerico Dolcetto “Visadi” 2006

Podere Il Palazzino Chianti Classico “Argenina” 2004 

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