spring cleaning

Dear readers,

I got the itch. 

First it was checking out the today-launched Twitter widget for WordPress blogs.  Still needing some convincing, I read this New York Times article by tech columnist David Pogue which put me over the fence.  I highly recommend reading it if a) you are unsure about what Twitter is or b) you are hesitant to take the plunge.  (Twitter also does a swell job of explaining how it comes in handy for managing information and communication tool overload e.g. facebook, email, instant messaging, text messages, myspace, etc.)

Then it was the light bulb that went off about my sidebar, which I could never seem to get looking quite the way I wanted… and realizing that I could let you all see what my favorite sites were featuring in real time via RSS, rather than mysterious links with hidden content not doing anyone any good. 

So, Martha Stewart, the domestic diva herself, would be double proud of me, because I am now Tweeting at Ktchntrvwr (she already had a whole show about Twitter weeks ago), and I’ve given my widget sidebar a clean sweep with a fresh list of content feeds.  You can even salivate at Canelle et Vanille’s beautiful food photos fed from Flickr.  It’s more a reorganization than a major update, but I think you’ll find that it is now much more useful for quickly skimming the latest food news/blog posts from agenda-setting sources (clicking through for a deeper dive when you want…) or for finding a new recipe for dinner one night.  I also have included two not food-specific favorites, Daily Candy Miami (for buy, see, do and eat locally) and The Haystack Needle (for design and home stuffs inspiration.)  More fun RSS will be loaded on an ongoing basis.  

I’ve left the South Florida Dining links intact since those are searchable resources for where to eat and won’t necessarily have regular content updates. 

Happy feed exploring and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER to see what I’m doing (and eating!)  It would be an impossible task to post stories on every place I visit where I have a great bite to eat or run across something or someone special, so this should do the trick for sharing those valuable tips in 140 words or less at a moment’s notice. 

Tweet you later,



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