caffeine withdrawl

You can learn a lot from an office kitchen.

Turns out that shiny clean ones with biodegradable potato starch utensils, free piping hot coffee at the push of a button and never ending piles of oatmeal, bagels and ham and cheese wraps are pretty badass.  But eat up!  Because before the last cow comes home from pasture, you’re out to pasture, along with your perk!

I’m now working a freelance gig onsite at the Miami New Times, and it’s  just dandy.  How do I know?  Very sad kitchen!  It’s been neglected for some time now.  Cabinets bare, the only vestige of its heyday a lonely drip coffeemaker waiting patiently on the counter for someone to push its buttons.  No coffee maker, or coffee for that matter, has turned up.  I might go mad, and the coffeemaker might get lucky.   However, the lovely people here have advised against both, and they seem to know what they are talking about.  Yes, a brisk walk to Starbucks and some fresh air might do me some good the next time I get a mid-afternoon hankering. 

As for my morning fix?  For now, it will be eat and brew from home, until I discover a convenient spot selling large cups on the cheap.  I’ve only dropped into Out of the Blue Cafe, peddling yummy edibles like omelettes a la minute and Segafredo concoctions, but the place could be a real buzzkill for my bank account – and tweet feed for that matter – with its prices!  And it just bugs me when places chart extra for egg whites only.

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