New Booty Ahoy

Arrrrrr.  Get yourself a piece.
Arrrrrr. Get yourself a piece.

They’re invading international waters and your neighborhood supermarket.

Who: Robert’s American Gourmet

What: New Pirate’s Booty Sea Salt & Vinegar

Where: Whole Food’s Market

When: Rolling out onto shelves this week

Why: It’s not just because the flack emailed me…  It’s mutiny!  This new Booty flavor steers salt and vinegar to uncharted waters.  Made with all-natural ingredients, the ivory white nubs of puffed rice and corn have an addictive airy crunch and are a surprisingly mellow canvas for the salty tang.  Also available new in slightly less captivating Bermuda Onion.

Will Cost You: $2.69 for 4 ounce bag with 4 servings at 130 calories and 5 grams of fat (no trans or sat) each

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