Taste Treats: Yuca Rellena at Monolo & Rene

IMG_1742Ok, so it’s greasy and might come frozen (eek!)  But it was cooked and seasoned to perfection, and the best way I’ve had a croquette.  The finger food I’m pointing to is the yuca rellena at a little counter on the corner of N.E. 1st St. and 3rd Ave. downtown.  They’re open 24 hours.  I didn’t have time to do a whole lot of digging around and asking questions (which I usually like to do,) but you know this place.  The kind where there are always a couple of old guys hanging around, charlando (chatting) about this and that in the neighborhood.  If you’re passing by, give this fried morsel of mashed yuca surrounding ground meat a shot — kinda like a Twinkie that’s a little rough around the edges.  And way more tasty.  But be sure to brush up your meal-ordering Spanish!  Here’s a cheat sheet for those who are a little rusty:

Quería (I would like) una yuca rellena  (a stuffed yuca croquette) por favor.

Cuanto cuesta (how much is it)?


Manolo & Rene

281 NE 1st St

Miami, FL 33132

(305) 358-4488

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