Tempted by the Fruit of the Dragon

Alien attraction
Alien attraction

Shopping at Fresh Market in Coconut Grove yesterday afternoon I saw this fuschia, ostrich egg-sized freak show in the produce section and had to get my hands on one.   For about the price-per-pound of an heirloom tomato you can take a Dragon Fruit home, too.   Mine cost $6 and change, and it was worth every penny — although I don’t think I can afford to make a habit of it!

Dragon Fruit comes in a few varieties and is the fruit of cactus plants of the genus Hylocereus, native to Central and South America, and cultivated in southeast Asia.  Its succulent flesh is very easy to break down; the crisp, white core peels away easily from a somewhat rubbery encasing.  I’d like to think of the Dragon Fruit as a distant cousin of the kiwi, with very similar seeds and a sweet-tart taste, although they don’t actually appear to be related.   Enjoy it by itself, or as an eye-catching, tasty addition to a tropical fruit salad.

Fresh Market’s getting them locally from Caribbean Gold Inc., grown in Homestead.


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1 thought on “Tempted by the Fruit of the Dragon

  1. I absolutely love dragon fruit! Too bad it’s so expensive but it’s totally worth it. Have you tried Gaby’s Farms dragon fruit sorbet? Delicious.

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