Meet Miami’s Newest Food Blogger: French Fry Fairy, Beth Swanson

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You may have seen my item today on Short Order about the French Fry Fairy.   As it would happen, I was sifting through the morning’s emails and Twitter feed from bed when I overheard this new blogger mentioned on Today in South Florida, and curiosity was piqued.  So I quickly emailed our new nymph of the greasy delights some questions.  (It’s been a while since I actually had a “kitchen interview” on this monster, right?)  The Fairy promptly got back to me with the thoughtful responses below, for your reading enjoyment!

Have you always had a passion for fries?

My French fry obsession began in my early 20s when I started traveling for work. Being a very picky eater, there were often very limited menu options available to vegetarians in some of the smaller towns that I had to visit. There was always the pasta option with watered down sauce or a side salad with wilted lettuce and fake cheese. The one thing I could always find that pleased my palate was French fries. By default I ended up consuming more potatoes than most would think humanly possible.

What made you decide to take the leap to blogging?

Eddie the neighbor – who is my faithful cohort in my adventures – and I were at the Clevelander about a month ago and I was eating fries. I eat fries so often that I thought it would be fun to track my adventures. Eddie agreed and that was all I needed. I had a website up in three days and the quest for the perfect fries began!

Are you worried you’ll run out of fries to try?

I am worried I don’t have enough time to try all the fries! I plan on trying fries all over Florida and anywhere else that I travel.

What makes a good fry?

A good fry is crispy, salty and cooked thoroughly – so it doesn’t have a baked potato taste. They also have to be firm, so I can dip them in mayo, ketchup or any other dipping sauce the restaurant provides. I always think it is fun when restaurants do something out of the ordinary to their fries. Last week I tried yucca fries at Versailles and a couple weeks ago I tried artichoke fries at Canyon Ranch.

What fries are the best in town?

I only started doing this a month ago, but Five Guys fries are amazing!

Best alone or with a burger?

I don’t eat meat, so I happen to like French fries as a solo entree. 🙂

What advice do you have for the Burger Beast (burger blogger in Miami)?

Try all the veggie burgers and let me know where to go!


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