Skyr (skEEr) is Here, Plus a Couple Short Order Posts of Last Week

IMG_3556Happy Sunday everyone!  Gobble up this brunch buffet while it’s hot:

Skyred Straight: Skyr isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you’re a lover of thick Greek yogurt like Fage, chances are you’ll appreciate it.  Last weekend when shopping at Whole Foods Market in Coral Gables, I spotted skyr for the first time in the U.S., flagged with a yellow and green ‘New Product’ label.  Skyr is apparently going national now, the next yogurt fad to come to a grocery near you and it ain’t cheap relative to other options in the dairy section. It rang a bell, as I had recently caught Andrew Zimmern sampling the real deal on the Iceland episode of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel —  not from the Icelandic supermarket, but from a family’s home where they whip up fresh, dairy cow milk batches daily.  It’s traditional to add honey and top off with a ladle of  cream, to liven up plain skyr from the dense, smooth paste to something slighty sweet and decadent.  Skyr doesn’t melt on your tongue because its fat content is zero, so it takes some getting used to if you don’t have Nordic blood cursing through your veins.  But while this brand, New York-based Siggi’s, hasn’t quite figured out the best flavor profiles to offer (Orange & Ginger sounded good but had an aftertaste like licking a bar of soap,) blueberry and plain (jazzed up with some toasted walnuts, raisins and honey) are worth a try. Props on the pretty packaging, too.


The Great Bagel Debate: Last week on Short Order, I tackled the bagel water wars on occasion of The Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. opening up shop in Delray.  How important is the water in the bagel-making process?  It’s just one of the questions I posed to food science writer Harold McGee.  See how he responds here.

Chocolate Soup and Other Treasures: Chef Elida Villaroel spins a delicate yet powerful web at Charlotte’s Bistro.  Go to the Gables to get caught, and read the story here.

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1 thought on “Skyr (skEEr) is Here, Plus a Couple Short Order Posts of Last Week

  1. Interesting, I’ll definitely try this new yoghurt. I do love my yoghurt thick.

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