Coming Full Circle with Some Brunch Beauties

red velvet cupcake ($4)
red velvet cupcake ($4)

It’s crazy the way things have a way of working themselves out.  I began this blog in February, out of work and drawn to what I know: great food.  And then something amazing happened.  I was creating something of my own that people were enjoying, going out an interviewing food entrepreneurs in their elements, and I was suddenly in my element.  Beyond the fact that I wasn’t bringing in an income, it felt like I had a job again.  So why not get paid, too?  I rang up the Miami New Times one morning on a whim and the rest is history.  I had all the right chops to be one of their food writers — an English major, local industry connections, tech savvy, and the ultimate requisite , time.

Since my last entry, the next chapter has unfolded.  I am employed full time for the first time since the layoff.  Michael Schwartz, the James Beard nominated chef behind Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, is my boss, and I his go to gal for most things under the sun sometimes including event planning, scheduling, food photography, paper-cutting, recipe-writing, endorsement-garnering, opportunity-vetting, press release-editing, and call-fielding.  It’s a badass gig.  The operation is hard-working, passionate, and detail-oriented…  Did I mention the amazing lunches?

Speaking of food photography, here’s some of my most recent work chronicling Chef’s work in and out of the kitchen.  The occasion?  Our first brunch service today.  We had some great buzz leading up to this big Sunday, including press coverage in every single local media outlet.  Victoria Pesce Elliott chowed down this morning and has been tweeting (“Michael’s slammed this a.m for first ever brunch. Everyone here Inc. The China Grill Chodorows…”)  Here are some favorites, which I shot and tasted yesterday in our pre-brunch staff meeting:

breakfast pizza with house smoked bacon, organic egg, green onion & jack cheese.2 ($9)
breakfast pizza with house smoked bacon, organic egg, green onion & jack cheese ($9)
wild salmon-fennel hash with an organic fried egg ($8)
wild salmon-fennel hash with an organic fried egg ($8)

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