A New Look for the New Year, Plus Lasting Impressions of Art Miami

Visual Vortex - Turell Pink; HC Berg; Galerie Forsblom; Helsinki, Finland

Sometimes I think I’m the mayor of crazy town over here. I’m sure you’d agree that these days, things fly at you fast. Most of us juggle multiple jobs, not to mention on- and offline methods of socializing. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, the whirlwind of it all. Damn you, Twitter!

Between tweets and twits and bleeps, I had the good fortune of looking at my blog last night and realizing that in many ways it no longer represents what it has become since I launched it. So I’ve made some changes.  Superficially, you’ll probably first notice the new WordPress theme.  Content-wise, I’ve eliminated irrelevant sidebar widgets and pages, and revised what escaped the axe.  I’ve added new RSS feeds that I visit often for foodie-friendly news and musings. And thanks to fellow food blogger Mango & Lime for attempting to walk me through installing a footer plug-in for my copyright notice… Didn’t quite get that to happen, but I have a side bar alternative to show for the effort!

That brings me to the second half of this post…  Now, I know in Miami we’re all Art Basel’d out, but I really enjoyed some of the work on display at this year’s Art Miami show in Midtown and wanted to share a few favorite pieces that have stuck in my mind.  One would think it’s a satellite sprung from the main attraction, but no!  2009 marked its 20th anniversary. 2-0.  No wonder it was such a strong showing, albeit to this untrained eye.  I have artist information for all the pieces if you are interested.

Enjoy the slide show (a format I used often in my early posts,) and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and slower New Year!

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1 thought on “A New Look for the New Year, Plus Lasting Impressions of Art Miami

  1. I’m liking the cleaner look. I loved that red piece with the porcelain face. So intense.

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