A Top 10 to Welcome 2010

Stick a Fork in It: The burger at 5 o'clock, from one of last night's revelries? It represents 2009. The burgers at 9 and 10:30? 2010. I'm ready for some fresh meat, how 'bout you?

A top 10 of food memories from 2009:

10. Enjoying a glass or three of the red sangria at Sra. Martinez. Followed by plate after plate of tapas, each one better than the next.

9.  Mom’s lemon souffle pancakes, lots of powdered sugar.

8. Mornings with my coffee lady at Latin Cafe 2000. She makes my cortadito just the way I like it. Every time.

7. Making new friends over the singular experience of a parade of sushi and Japanese delicacies at Naoe.

6. Joe’s grilled tomatoes. Then a pile of selects and mustard sauce. Then apple pie a la mode.

5. Fresh and sparkling lychee soda at Michael’s.

4. Discovering Sage bagels with an ex. Having an ex as a friend with whom to discover Sage bagels.

3. Conducting my first interview for Kitchen Interviews with Arthur Artiles of the late Brosia.

2. Sampling Kobe beef for the first time (and being cited as a source in Wikipedia for the first time, bizarre…)

1. Eating IndiaThere are too many to mention but, enjoying freshly-made bhel puri on the street is one. And being served plate after glistening plate of juicy, plump orange pieces of Alphonso mango, the winner.

If I could add an 11, fresh coconut water on a hot summer’s day from Palacio de los Jugos. 12 would be everything Hedy Goldsmith makes.  But that’s a give-in.  And 13, dinner dates with my cousin Justine at Ciro’s Italian restaurant near the Falls (oh those breadsticks!) 14 would have to be cousin Stacie’s juicy, never-fail turkey and roasted Brussels sprouts. Looks like this list isn’t going to end any time soon…

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1 thought on “A Top 10 to Welcome 2010

  1. What about my turkey and brussel sprouts?

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