Traying on Fish Box Tops

Playing with your food is fun, so why not with food containers?  I tested this theory recently at Locust Projects, a Design District art cooperative where Michael conducted a demo of local heirloom and beet salad complemented by MGFD bar manager Ryan’s strawberry and basil caipirinhas.  Cuban artist Leyden Rodriguez Casanova has transformed the space into a playground for grown-ups, installing rolling hills of pink carpet inspired by memories from his youth. You can read about the event on my friend Paula’s blog, Mango & Lime.  Quickly, before everything went back to the restaurant for a good scrub-down, we stole a moment to get silly in the peanut gallery.  Why waste a good pink carpet hill on mere sitting, when you have fish box tops handy?  We couldn’t come up with a good reason not to.  Thanks to Paula for capturing it on the Flip for posterity.


2 thoughts on “Traying on Fish Box Tops

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