Recipe: Elizabeth’s Apricot Tart with Lavender Honey Cream

Ok, it was really Patricia Well’s tart, but Elizabeth Fenjvez made it her own and baked it for our delight at my mother’s dinner party a couple of Sundays ago.  Here is the recipe.   As happens sometimes, busying myself in pre-meal kitchen commotion, I didn’t get there quick enough to capture the crowning moment, of lavender honey cream, every indulgent drip of it, being poured over the tarts.  But I was first in line for a piece! This dessert is lovely for fall, substituting pears for stone fruits, as they aren’t in season.  Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing the recipe — you made it look easy, but we know it wasn’t that easy!! I think we’ll see if we can pull it off with as much finesse for Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth and her tarts before going in the oven.


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