Adventures in Teena’s Pride CSA Continued: Broccoli Rabe & Purple Cabbage

I find my share comes in handy most when a couple of herbs and a veggie or two can play supporting roles in a great dinner.  Like tonight’s colorful meal.  Wild sockeye salmon was on sale (again) at Whole Foods, so I picked out the pin bones of a skin-on slab, poured on a favorite oriental marinade (not unfamiliar to this blog,) and grilled it quickly under high heat on the Salamader.  While the salmon was cooking, I sliced discs of a small purple cabbage and sauteed them over medium heat in olive oil with some crushed whole garlic cloves, adding a bunch of broccoli rabe.  By the time the fish was done, so were the veggies.  I pulled them off first to plate as a bed for the salmon, served whole. A quick salad came together around the spearmint and tarragon from the share.  Flowers and leaves were tossed with spring mix lettuces, fennel in matchsticks, raw corn, and diced avocado.  I dressed it lightly with extra virgin olive oil and a mix of cider and champagne vinegars, but seasoned generously with sea salt and freshly-cracked black pepper. Dinner was simple and served.

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