Oh Brother. Oh Harrods!

My brother, the hungry traveler.

JackieSayet [9:06 AM EST]: Hi poooper! Nice day in London?
Kevin Sayet [2:09 PM GMT]: Yep! With susan
JackieSayet [9:10 AM EST]: Whatcha guys up to?? Tell her to bring me some maldon salt 😀
File received.
IMG00604-20110122-1330.jpg (82.24 KB)

Kevin Sayet [2:17 PM GMT]: Sushi chefs with ties
Kevin Sayet [2:17 PM GMT]: 2000 pound cake … 3500dollars
Kevin Sayet [2:17 PM GMT]: What’s that?
File received.
IMG00602-20110122-1307.jpg (343.92 KB)
File received.
IMG00601-20110122-1257.jpg (299.206 KB)

File received.
IMG00600-20110122-1257.jpg (315.92 KB)

JackieSayet [9:17 AM EST]: Awesome!!!!!!
JackieSayet [9:17 AM EST]: Are u there right now??
JackieSayet [9:18 AM EST]: Is this at one place?
Kevin Sayet [2:18 PM GMT]: Yep! Harrods
JackieSayet [9:18 AM EST]: Wow!!!!! Oh Susan….
JackieSayet [9:18 AM EST]: Hahaha
JackieSayet [9:18 AM EST]: I’m going to blog this for you!
Kevin Sayet [2:18 PM GMT]: Worlds most famous department store apparently??
JackieSayet [9:19 AM EST]: On kitchen interviews!!
JackieSayet [9:19 AM EST]: Can I interview u?
Kevin Sayet [2:18 PM GMT]: Haha! I’m guna send more
File received.
IMG00605-20110122-1412.jpg (113.69 KB)

Kevin Sayet [2:19 PM GMT]: Choc shoes
JackieSayet [9:19 AM EST]: This is your hit list of harrod noteables
Kevin Sayet [2:19 PM GMT]: yep

I don’t suggest anyone attempt BlackBerry Messenger as an interview method unless absolutely necessary.  By necessary I mean, if the subject has a short attention span, is abroad, and distracted by, well, sushi chefs in ties in the most famous department store in the world! I was able to procure the most outrageous thing food-related in the store (steamed suet pudding aka ‘Spotted Dick’) and a thing wanted that he could afford (nothing.)  And there were those neato photos. All in all… worth it, and I look forward to our next exchange!

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