The European Bromance Continues

It’s midday on Monday in Rome.  Hailey’s in class, and my brother Kevin and I are chatting on BBM again. Check out my view, I’ve been sitting here for an hour, he types. So we each snap photos of what’s in front of us at that moment and swap files.

Me: Kitchen, 6:16 a.m. EST                            Him: Pantheon, 12:16 p.m. CET

Kevin Sayet *US*: I have about an hour ffree now if you wanna interview me haha

Now two months to the day into his semester in London, my intrepid brother has visited Galway, Ireland and Prague, Czech Republic.  All by air, of course.  It’s cheaper than train travel these days, and he’s a staunch pragmatist, especially when it comes to spending money. An admirable quality and one I can’t say I possess.

I’ve been blogging his adventures abroad, happily experiencing Europe for the umpteenth time — this time through his new eyes. He’s in Rome today, taking a long weekend to visit his girlfriend from Babson who is studying there.  I let him know that Lebron James dined again at Michael’s Genuine last night, this time with a group of about 11 including his business partners and wife.  He’s not married though just longtime gf, he corrects.  My sports fact checker.

I ask him which country’s food has surprised him the most so far, and I’m pleasantly surprised at his answer. London’s markets, so many cuisines and real people from those cultures cooking, he types. London’s bad rep for food is a lie. Italy is amazing but I expected that. A little mythbusting. A good sign.

Fried artichoke jewish style. From the roman jewish ghetto.

You have to write in your post that mozz is 39 cents (€) for a ball, the finance major observes.

One of Kevin’s display case investigations.

If I lived here I’d never get a job. It seems like they don’t work. Ha. Quick study…

Fish and chips from Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. Literary greats like Charles Dickens were said to have frequented this old public house now operated by the Samuel Smith brewing company.  It’s located at 145 Fleet Street, about 15 minutes from Marylebone where my brother lives.

Of the other cities? I loved prague, he reflected. Most beautiful place I’ve ever been, but the food was odd. I get that.  In fact, while I enjoyed my brief time there in 2007, I would have to agree with him.

The real wierd stuff was the plates at restaurants. They’re famous for something along the lines of “sirlion with sour cream gravy with bread and bacon dumplings.” Something like that.

Smažený sýr, fried cheese, a street food from Prague.

And Ireland? Basically london without other cultures. Of course broad brush strokes here, but still not off track given the short visit. I mean I’ve had shitty food in london for sure, he adds. In london, cheap food is bad unless you go to a market.  My favorite thing has been trying all the beers from different countries.

I think I’ve found my next post topic.

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