Eternal Optimisim

Gables wilderness

The sad irony of history is that it repeats, even when the lessons are there in plain sight for us to see. And all humans are human which means that it comes down to science. Tiny chinks in the armor at the DNA level. They show themselves in the most grotesque manifestations, most not skin deep. People who act as if they are not even human at all. Perhaps they aren’t? Perhaps all the madness and cruelty are themselves faint glimmers of millions of years of evolution freeze-framed before our eyes in the present.  The precise moment when one species splits from another.  The eternal optimist in me believes these mutations will not survive. We are the fittest. They are weak and must resort to insanity to win the human struggle and thus are destined to fail. But not without leaving a wake of pain that will reverberate for generations. We must not forget.

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