A Summer for Irish Times

Well, it's complete as it's gonna get... for now.  See you on Instagram, and then on the flip side! IRISH SUMMER 2014 ITINERARY Time Difference UTC = EST + 5 SUNDAY 20 JULY (Miami/Chicago) American Airlines 1342 Miami (MIA) - July 20, 2014 10:20 AM Travel Time : 3 h 15 m Chicago (ORD) - July 20, 2014 [...]


A Trip Down MFA’s Memory Lane | Celebrating 75 Years in 36 Nica Hours

Susan Rubin is my favorite aunt, and she's FABulous. MFA has always been this way. She calls me her first born. Ever since I was a kid, she caught my attention.  The globetrotter. The ringleader, bringing the family together with my uncle Mark, whether for sacred Passover seder on their Grove apartment balcony or down by the [...]

A Dash of Bitters, Please.

An excerpt of yesterday's The Cypress Room cocktail post on The Genuine Kitchen, particularly enjoyable to write (and further edit.) Vesper — The Cocktails of The Ritz Paris, a new-old book with darling illustrations by Yoko Ueta, was recently acquired from the library of Ryan Goodspeed. In it, Colin Peter Field delves into the origin [...]


As Ellie broke the sea Its crystal blue waters frothed like a Paperman's cappuccino, I sipped liquid gold of another kind Shipwrecked, feet in the sand soft As powdered sugar, sweet and cool, Melting into oblivion. #Caymazing

The Sweet Smell of the Season

I don't know when people started to use touch to test ripeness.  Smell your fruit, people. It should be pungent, like this mango.  You'd have to be a Dustbuster to smell a mango from Guatemala at your neighborhood Whole Foods Market. If you can smell your fruit, you won't end up with a mealy, dry [...]

Let the Holiday Begin!

23E may be the very center of the Boeing 777. That's where I'm sitting, and it might as well be first class. I wouldn't know the difference right now with how excited I'm am, about to depart Miami on my first leg to Rome, via London, for a two week holiday touring mostly the northern [...]