Whether from the window seat or street level, real moments captured in film in the in-between.

Lychee harvest, Samimy family grove, May 2019, Homestead, Florida, USA

all images below shot on these film cameras.

Rollei 35 (left) German, made in Singapore
Yashica Mat-LM (right), 1958-60, Japanese

Mother Earth
Katia and Gabi

120mm. September 2018 – Current (Little River District, Miami, FL) Documentation of urban small farm project and community supported herbalism initiative.

Unesco Churches of Chiloé and their Grounds

120mm. December 2018 and January 2020 (Isla Grande de Chiloé and Quinchao, Chile) Collecting this 18th and 19th century unique architectural phenomenon of the Americas, made entirely of native timber with extensive use of (the now protected) Alerce wood shingles, materials resistant to the Archipelago’s humid and rainy oceanic climate. Built in when Chiloé was still a part of the Spanish Crown possessions, they represent the fusion of Spanish Jesuit culture and local native population’s skill and traditions; an excellent example of mestizo culture.



120mm and 35mm. Ongoing (multiple locations.) The essence of in-between, the passages where life happens, anticipation and reflection rule, and ideas are born.

Neighborhood Tropics

120mm and 35mm. September 2018 – Current (Northeast Coconut Grove, Miami, FL) Documentation of flora and fauna of the oldest Village in Miami, nestled in the warm breezes of Biscayne Bay.

Chile: Trekking

120mm and 35mm. December 2018 and January 2020 (Araucania XI, Los Rios XII, Los Lagos XII) Two summer seasons of hiking and exploring nature alone and with local guide Daniel Ettinger (Tepa Trails.)

Chile: Culture

20mm and 35mm. December 2018 and January 2020 (Araucania XI, Los Rios XII, Los Lagos XII) From Mapuche traditions to culinary delights, spiritual passages from the feeling part of the land and its people.

Winter: Dolomites