A Story About Food

I grew up in kitchens.  My interest in all things culinary began from a stool, gazing over our kitchen counter at home in Miami, where my mother ran a local catering business.  The small but capable space was outfitted with commercial-grade equipment, like a salamander grill and a freakishly large refrigerator with four doors made of glass so you could [...]


About the Blog

This began as a series of audio recordings with local chefs and restaurant owners sharing the stories of their businesses. It has morphed into a more personal account of adventures in food and culture -- home and abroad.


Age 37 Hometown Coral Gables, Florida Residence Coconut Grove, Florida Occupation Brand Director for The Genuine Hospitality Group. Visit thegenuinekitchen.com for current restaurant roster and more of my writing. Inqueries Photography and writing, email jackie@jackiesayet.com



RX I reach around my back To feel I have grown a scale Or three that require plucking And gentle cleaning at the surface Around swollen edges At the center of extraction Where the blood wells To coax and nourish Your thirsty tongue


LUCILLE TALIANOFF (1915-2017) MIAMI BEACH — As gracefully and fearlessly as she lived each day of her 102 years of life, Lucille "Nanny" Talianoff passed when she was ready, Saturday morning, May 27, just before 6:00 a.m.  Caregiver and companion Keisha Manticquee was by her side, with the comfort of this special bond and surrounded [...]

Alpine Adventure: Northeastern Bound

Here we GO. This winter takes an northeastern tint with Valle d'Aosta's Italian Francophile comfort zone a faint glint in the rearview.  I'm following a friend's crumbs into the intensity of the Tirolesi landscape and its Austro-Hungarian-steeped Dolomiti for the first time. This is a land of many names. South Tyrol.  Alto Adige. The sweet spot is [...]

Sun Shower

We are told to rip our clothing, shred it to show the pain of mourning. But today I tie the yarn she wove around my ankles and remember, lost in an expanse of crystal blue. Like these fibers flecked with winter sunlight, her strength is brighter still as the grey draws near in the distance [...]

Eternal Optimisim

The sad irony of history is that it repeats, even when the lessons are there in plain sight for us to see. And all humans are human which means that it comes down to science. Tiny chinks in the armor at the DNA level. They show themselves in the most grotesque manifestations, most not skin deep. [...]