When quality ingredients come together, the result is magic.

Traditional Curanto shellfish pit bake, Quinchao, Chiloé, Chile

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Hospitality – Advanced knowledge of food, wine and the makers/suppliers at the root of the restaurant business. Understanding of customer relationships.  Experience at the upper echelon of the culinary world— fine dining restaurants have been my life since I was 12 years old in our family business and for 10+ years of my professional life in Miami as brand, communications and culture director for a James Beard Award-winning chef. 

Branding and Marketing – My bread and butter.  Any and all in the ecosystem of a brand, its creative direction and communications strategy, and the wide/versatile range of skills in the area production to effectively execute, including: graphics design, content creation (Sony Alpha 7sii and iPhone 11 Pro photography, video, and editing), platform publication (website/social media/community management), copywriting, messaging, and research/reporting. 

Public Relations – International food, wine, spirits and travel media relationships, and archive of resulting media coverage. 

Community Relations/Collaborations – Acute understanding of the importance of cultivating old and new audiences through likeminded partnerships and grass roots events. Affinity for evolving brands through working with and learning from others – and the creativity and innovation that results.

Language – Fluent Spanish. Conversational Italian. And English is my first language.  I also hold a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Northwestern University (2002, Evanston, Illinois, USA) in 20th Century English Literature.

Interests – NATURE. Trekking, exploring drawing plants with pastels. Active outdoorswoman. Skier. Runner. Beer enthusiast. Long time creative writer, specifically poetry. Drinking wine! Cooking. Dancing. Comida casera. Animals.

“Jackie is extremely intuitive as to how to give a voice to moving business forward on multiple levels.  She is a chameleon of new places and cultural conduit of those she knows well. A language enthusiast and expert when it comes to all things branding, digital media, advertising and marketing. She is also an accomplished artist, writer and photographer/photo journalist. A maker in the truest sense. A creative treasure with talents hard to list as it would take too much time.

Jeffrey Wolfe, Proprietor, Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe, Miami, FL