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The fun is just beginning. With the right mix of tactics and a great product to celebrate, a big idea can become more real than ever imagined, delivering results and a good time getting there. Here are some examples of it working.

It Takes Two to Mango

The Salty Donut x Tigertail + Mary Collab (July 2019)

What happens when two of Miami’s most beloved food brands come together to celebrate the arrival of a special local fruit in season? Something delicious.

James Beard Award winning chef Michael Schwartz and his newest restaurant partnered with the city’s favorite artisanal donut shoppe to create a limited edition flavor, the Mango + Coconut “Croughnut” combining fresh ingredients with the bakery’s signature 24 hour layered brioche dough. The community came out to enjoy a delicious treat at the peak of the South Florida fruit’s summer season and recognize neighborhood treasure, The Kampong (meaning “village” in Malay), one of four National Tropical Botanical Gardens in the United States.

A mango tree of the “Carrie” variety was sourced from a grower in Miami’s southern farmland, selected for its superior taste and yellow-green color at ripeness, drawing attention to the value in local ingredients typically overlooked for lack of commercial shelf appeal. The newly-planted mango tree was feted in a dedication ceremony with city dignitaries in the restaurant’s front park and will bear fruit for all to enjoy for seasons to come.

To spread the love and highlight the importance of supporting local, the restaurant worked with another plant-obsessed friend, artist and tattooer Jessica “Pooka” Suarez, to produce an original Carrie Mango design and commemorative sticker, included as a gift with Croughnut purchase. The donuts sold out each day of the weekend to lines in the park.

Making Better Pizza at Home

Genuine Pizza Cookbook Launch
(May 2019)

So, you’ve published an amazing cookbook on everyone’s favorite food including delicious pictures of the recipes, but how do you make it jump off the shelf?

Leveraging video demos with Chef/Author Michael Schwartz to make the pizza leap from page onto social media, readers could feast their eyes on the crystal clear approach of the book and that making better pizza at home was possible! Five hero recipes were selected to promote, each an example of recommended flavor combinations according to the Pizza Matrix, a proprietary roadmap within the book to guide readers on the concept of balance and how to select toppings that harmonize together in the perfect bite.

Digital media, including Cookbook concept video, was shared on hashtag #genuinepizzaathome for maximum engagement, enhanced with giveaways and other sponsor-driven cross promotional initiatives. Grass roots events advertised with signage and email marketing reached the chef’s customer base, including pizza classes conducted by the chef, an official release party, cookbook dinners including a signed copy in the ticket price, and even a “Genuine Pizza Week” of rotating special pizzas pulled from the pages at the Chef’s most popular and flagship fine dining restaurant, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami’s Design District. 

Branding and Design

Sling Bar Opening (November 2019)

Miami Beach is famous for its nightlife. But how do you create a place that mediates the renewing tranquility of a tropical beach destination with the energy of a great party?

With a new Asian restaurant in the lobby of one of the area’s historic Art Deco hotels, COMO Hotels & Resorts (based in Singapore) assigned us with activating the space to attract locals, in addition to guests of the hotel. The idea was a simple one – bring our culinary expertise to bear while acknowledging the Singaporean roots of its brand. Sling Bar was born, a nod to the capital’s storied night markets and its signature cocktail, the Singapore Sling. The bar was inspired by the bold and diverse food cultures of Southeast Asia that converge in the global city’s many festive night markets and result in infinite tasty street foods. 

Set within the restaurant’s lush and tropical environment, at night Sling Bar’s energy was to be immersive, from its hot coral orange neon SLING sign, to an evocative video installation portraying circadian rhythms and the juxtaposition of their experience in nature and urban environments. The logo design was sleek with Deco inspiration and a bronze foil version for a flash of the exotic.

Sling Bar, as a chef’s creation, was about great food made with fresh ingredients, the key to balance and harmony. Inspiration was easy at this vibrant intersection of flavors giving guests an opportunity to taste something different on a visit to the property, whether a relaxed sampling of small plates with a lighter alcohol spritz during the day or making a night of it with the full restaurant menu. From light and refreshing, to spirit forward and festive, “culinary cocktails” inspired by night market flavors with a Miami Beach inspired twist included ‘Curry Colada’ with Havana Club Rum, Velvet Falernum, curry syrup, coconut creme, lime, passion fruit and the ‘Banana Daiquiri’ featuring Havana Club Rum, Craigellachie 13, Scotch, banana, lime and coconut.

The bar was recently named one of Miami’s 10 Best New Bars in 2020.